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I too placed an order with this company for something shown in Real Simple Magazine and never received it. The only notice I got was that the order had been accepted and paid for. Searching their sight to track the order gave no information other than that. I was able to contact my bank and since I did it in the time frame required they will dispute it for me and cover it as a credit. Thank goodness for that. HOWEVER.....



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The worst company!Horrible experience.

I too had to deal with a Robyn Dahl and she told me 3 times that I was receiving a refund and nothing has been done. I would NOT recommend anyone buying from this company and I plan on reporting them to the BBB as soon as possible.

I run a business.I know how refunds work and I know when I am being taken for a fool.


DO NOT order from this company.On 2.3.13, I placed an order for three pair of earrings (same style, different colors).

My credit card was immediately charged. After receiving no email confirming shipment, I emailed the company after 2 - 2.5 weeks and was told that my order would be delivered shortly. Upon receiving it, I discovered the third pair of earrings was completely missing with no explanation whatsoever. In the package was a BROKEN, cheap looking necklace and a bracelet I would never have ordered nor will I ever wear.

After numerous emails, I finally received a response and was told that the earrings were oversold and a credit will be applied to my card. I have yet to see a credit. I will NEVER order from this company again. Incredibly horrible / non-existent customer service and that strikes me as incredible and dowright laughable given the fierce competition with all the jewelry sites out there.

VERY poor quality jewelry. And I own and order a LOT of jewelry. The only positive - nice product boxes but that's irrelevant given this terrible experience.



not sure why my first post did not take. so I had to re-write


This is not the experience I had.I love this line and website.

I have bought a few items and it's all beautiful.

I also saw some pieces in NYC and the Hamptons.They have such nice stuff!


This is not the experience I had.I love this brand and have ordered many things from them.

It's all beautiful and is in great stores.I actually found a few pieces in NY and in the Hamptons.

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Juliet and Company - Never refunded return

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The company name is "Juliet & Company", they advertised in Real Simple magazine and I purchased the Dahlia bracelet on line in May.I returned the bracelet in June, never was refunded so I contacted their customer service department via email.

Was contacted initially by a representative, Robyn Dahl. Waited a month and still was not refunded. Sent another email to customer service, received no reponse, sent another email, still no response.

It is now January and I still have not received a refund.I would not recommend purchasing anything from this company with the record of customer service and response to complaint.

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